DMCA Policy

DMCA Agent Contact : [email protected]
Are you an Legal Copyright Owner or Authorized Copyright Agent?
We have designed a tool which helps CO and Authorized DMCA Agent to takedown their files on their own anytime they found online. We developed this system inorder to support Antipiracy and also to help Coyright Owners to prevent their files sharing online illegally. And also by using this tool you will have the abaility to takedown 100 files at a time.
You can get access to this tool , by simply emailing the DMCA team: [email protected] and mention the subject as “Regarding Copyright Owner System” , with as much datas you can provide to prove that you are an registered legal DMCA agent or Copyright Owner.
As soon we receive your email we need few hours to review you details and you will get an followup email with the details we need further and the condition you need accept.
Well , so after getting this system . You can take down your files if you found it is being shared online without premission in no time.
Note: You need to email the violated links to [email protected]

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