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Aaron Doughty – The Shift Experience

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Aaron Doughty - The Shift Experience

Aaron Doughty – The Shift Experience


An Instruction Manual for Your Soul
It will show you HOW to embody the highest expression of yourself, automatically achieve
whatever you want, attract unlimited wealth, happiness, love, freedom and confidence.

Does it ever feel impossible to simply imagine having…

– Unlimited Wealth
– Happiness & Abundance
– Lifelong Transformation
Maybe you’re STUCK in your past & repeating the same patterns over and over again…
Or you make strides of “growth”, but always revert back to where you started…
Or you’re desperately trying to FORCE change upon yourself…
If this sounds familiar, it probably feels like you’re being held hostage in your reality and you might be asking yourself:
“Is this all there is for me?”
The truth is, there’s nothing actually holding you back from living the life you’re DESIGNED to have…
Are You Ready to Open Yourself Up to Your Dream Life?

What you’re about to discover will make it easy to release

those shackles and quit the mind games which are keeping you trapped… No longer will you be kept back from:
  • Having True Financial Freedom
  • Living with Unwavering Confidence
  • Accessing Your Full Creative Potential
  • ​Loving Fearlessly in Your Relationships
But before we dig in… We need to understand why it’s been so difficult for you….

Most of us operate in the frequency of The Static Reality, and the problem is that you believe this is the circumstance you deserve…

That’s wrong. The Static Reality is simply a CONDITION of life that you are agreeing to on some level, and it’s causing you feelings of uncertainty, self-esteem issues, an inability to connect, and so much more.
The frequency of the Static Reality is like living in a fog that seems to never clear.
but you don’t need to stay in that fog.
What I’m going to tell you next goes far beyond what you’ve ever learned on the process of transformation…
You have an innate ability to live in a state of:

  • True Happiness
  • Absolute Success
  • Optimal Health
  • ​Abundant Wealth
  • Unconditional Love
  • Rock-Solid Confidence
  • Full Creative Potential
  • ​Infinite Possibilities
There’s an exact process to unlocking this reality.
You won’t have to break your back working hard to have it…
One of the conditions of your “Static Reality” is believing that living
in a state of Happiness and Abundance is not actually possible for you.
At least, not as a long term lifestyle.
When you operate from these belief patterns, you are placing “requirements”
on your capacity to feel true happiness…

  • “When I have this… Then I’ll be happy”
  • “When I do this… Then I’ll be happy”
  • “When I become this… Then I’ll be happy”

Sound familiar?

It’s time to realize that you can be happy right now.
… But to do this, you will need to shift your beliefs.

But wait, isn’t desire GOOD?
“If I desire something, I’ll work hard to get it!”
Sure, there’s truth to that. You probably
would work hard to achieve some outcomes
for your life… You might even get it.
But, does it really have to be so complicated?
Are there other people that:
  • Work less hours than you
  • ​Seem to be enjoying themselves
  • ​Remain effortlessly calm during setbacks
Yet… They still get everything they want, without
having to sacrifice their time, happiness, and wellbeing.Those are the people who have shifted out of the
frequency of their Static Reality & have mastered
Desire is inherently a state of “lacking”.
You need to SHIFT your belief to… “I HAVE IT”.
Tap Into High Vibrational Energy
  • Experience joy without needing stimulation or distraction
  • Open yourself up to opportunities that calibrate at energies of love and peace
  • Raise your vibrational default state to a consistent 8 out of 10
Have the Courage to Be Your True Self
  • Begin to feel at ease expressing yourself exactly as you are
  • Live with purpose and vitality by embodying your real self
  • ​Amplify your creativity by living free of past insecurities
The Key to UNLOCK a NEW Reality
  • Resolve lifelong pain and rewrite the story of “you”
  • Access a future of abundance and unlimited love
  • ​Experience the life of your dreams… Starting today
HOW THE SHIFT WORKS (A Brief Explanation)

The SHIFT technique is rooted in verifiable principles of Quantum Physics. The practical application
of this technique will give you all the instant results of embodying your dream life… Starting today.
What conventional “change” work does is stretch out your progress on a measurable timeline,
and creates a buffer of effort to achieve the results that you want. With the SHIFT technique,
you can cut out the buffer and begin to vibrate at the frequency of the reality which you want to create.
All realities vibrate according to their own frequency. Like we mentioned above,
most people in society are stuck vibrating at the frequency of a “Static” reality…
With the SHIFT technique, you will hone in on the frequency that will give you happiness,
abundance, joy, and freedom – while acting effortlessly doing, thinking and
feeling according to that new frequency.
What You’ll Learn Inside
The Key to UNLOCKING a Completely NEW REALITY

The SHIFT Experience is an easy-to-follow process for rewiring your consciousness

to support abundance and high vibration beliefs – you will see fast, life-changing,

and long-lasting transformation in the most critical areas of your identity.

You will receive access to over 4 dozen comprehensive videos, which can be enjoyed at your own pace.
The content is easy to digest and you’ll be inspired to finally break through the self-limiting beliefs or mental blocks
causing you to unknowingly reject love, wealth, health and happiness.
Whatever you might be holding onto carried from your childhood, maybe limiting financial beliefs, health issues,
stagnant relationship and other cycles of dysfunction… You will be able to transcend these challenges with
the S.H.I.F.T. technique to become a vessel of transformational potential.
Prepare to attract the best people, outcomes, and opportunities into your reality…
What’s Inside The SHIFT Experience…


Everything in our life is a story. Every experience is tagged onto a certain “story”. This section will radically re-write the stories you’ve made for relationships, finances, health, and just about any other facet of your life.
By the end of the “STORY” section:
  • You will understand “Story” in a completely new way
  • You will see how your “Story” is running your life
  • You will begin to witness the effects of it in the lives of others
  • ​You will feel empowered to change your story once and for all


This is one of the most powerful sections inside of the entire program. Most people are living as slaves to their past, where something “happened” to them, and it caused a severe disruption in their energetic field.
By the end of the “HEAL” section:
  • You will know how to properly look at your current timeline
  • You will begin to notice unique influences from past pain
  • You will understand how to reinvent your timeline
  • ​You will resolve your pain & prime yourself for a new energetic field

This section is the key to help you go beyond that which you have currently experienced. This is the direction you need to create a new reality. Simply put, the intentions you commit yourself to will transform your life.
By the end of the “INTENTION” section:
  • You will be a master of increasing probability for any outcome in your life
  • You will adjust your energy state based on your choices
  • You will steer your life in any direction you want
  • ​You will step out of autopilot habits of being trapped in repetitive patterns

The frequency of your dream reality already exists. Through quantum physics we know that every potential exists now. You just need to bring yourself closer to resonating with that frequency of the potential you want.
By the end of the “FREQUENCY” section:
  • You will become aware of the frequency of realities
  • You will see the jump in frequency between parallel realities
  • You will know how to embody the thoughts, feelings, and actions of your new frequency
  • ​You will prepare to become a brand new “you” through committing to that frequency

The final section of the SHIFT Experience will shift your level of consciousness forever. We will connect you deeply to your heart center and set the intention to create that lifelong shift in consciousness…
By the end of the “TRANSFORMATION” section:
  • You will live in a completely new version of your life
  • You will see through a totally new lens of reality
  • You will connect to the energy of the universe
  • ​You will unlock the “new you” by completing your SHIFT

Instant Access Available
Downloadable Content

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Aaron Doughty – The Shift Experience
Aaron Doughty – The Shift Experience


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